You are Invited to Nic’s Cookbook Launch

Nic’s Cookbook Launch

You are invited to the launch of my cookbook, at Wrights Bookshop in Cambridge on Monday 1st October at 1pm, see above for details. I hope you can be there! If you can’t make it to Wrights on the 1st I am doing a promotional tour at Whitcoulls in Auckland (Tuesday 2nd October at Whitcoulls Sylvia Park at 1pm, Wednesday 3rd October at Whitcoulls Albany at 1pm and Thursday 4th October at Whitcoulls Botany Downs at 1pm).   See below for more details of Nic’s Cookbook.

Attitude Pictures have been filming a documentary about me this year, they’ve finished shooting all the scenes and are planning to screen it during October on their Sunday morning show on TV One.

I have been invited by Gourmand International to submit my book for the Gourmand Awards. This year the Awards were held as part of the Paris Cookbook Fair. I received an exciting email from Edouard Cointreau the President of Gourmand International asking me to enter my book for the Awards! Check out Gourmand International for details of the Gourmand Awards.

3 responses to “You are Invited to Nic’s Cookbook Launch

  1. Congratulations, Nic. It is a brilliant book!

  2. Thanks Nico. I’ll be there.

  3. Beatriz Hardy

    it is great! :) many thanks for the invitation! I will be there!