Invitation to the Launch of my new cookbook “Nic’s Lunchbox”

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luncbox launch
Invitation for the launch of my new cookbook, “Nic’s Lunchbox” on Saturday 5th October (this is the middle weekend of the school holidays).

Infusion of Zolandronate at the hospital

Infusion of Zolandronate at the hospital

In the last school holidays I had quite a few trips to the hospital, for different things.  I don’t think it’s the best way to spend my holidays!  Over the last few months I’ve seen lots of different Doctors and Specialists. One day during the holidays I spent the morning in the hospital with a needle in my arm so I could get some medicine called Zolandronate to help my bones because I have osteoporosis. While I was there my mum and I decided to see if we could count how many different hospital departments and areas I’ve been to over the years.  We counted 20!  And I think we have forgotten some!

I have my first cooking class at school today, I think I’ll really enjoy it :-) 


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