Muscular Dystrophy Bow Tie Week

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I’ve had a busy time lately, with lots of trips to the hospital because a cyst in my mouth abscessed and had to be removed. In the school holidays I was at the hospital six times, including a midnight visit to the Emergency Department, surgery, and some time in Intensive Care. The cyst has been removed now, I’m pleased about that!

Waikato Hospital

I met Valerie Adams at the Weetbix Tryathlon a couple of weeks ago, what a buzz!

Valerie Adams

Last week I did the Mini Rev, part of the rev cycle festival, it was really cool.

The Rev

Bow Tie Week is next month, March 22-30, so the ad I’m in with Judy Bailey will be on television again. I hope they raise lots of money to helps kids with Muscular Dystrophy, and to help the search for a cure!

Go to’s-cookbook-nic’s-lunchbox/ to go to the MDA website to buy copies of Nic’s Lunchbox and Nic’s Cookbook.

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