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Hi my name is Nic. I was born in February 2002. I have a brother named Toby he loves Star Wars. He builds great Star Wars lego. I have a mum and dad named Chrissie and Rob.

I have a wheelchair because I have muscular dystrophy. I have glasses because my eyes get sore. The first book I wrote is called “Nico Cool”. I wrote this book when I was seven, it is a book about me and my life. I wrote it to help people understand about my muscular dystrophy and my wheelchair, there is a copy of it in the library at my school or you can read it on my Stories & Poems page.

I love playing guitar and I really enjoy art. I like lego and soccer.

I would like to be a chef, I write cookbooks and I won the 2011 TVNZ ‘Good Morning’ Kids Cook Off.  Nic’s Cookbook has been published by Scholastic NZ and is available in shops throughout New Zealand.

I hope you enjoy my website, I’d love to hear from you (nic@nicocool.com)! Nic.

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  1. Wow cool website Nic! This is awesome! Kim xox

  2. Nicocool!!!
    I love your website. I can’t believe how much work you’ve done already. It looks fantastic. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your artwork and of course your next cookbook….put my name down for a 1st edition!
    Well done Nico,

    Gill x

  3. Catherine and Randy

    Hi Nic – my, you have been a busy boy!! Love the website and will enjoy reading all about your activities! We definitely want one of your cookbooks to try out some of your favourite recipes. See you next time we are over.
    Catherine and Randy

  4. Hi Nic – your website is great!! I’m looking forward to buying one of your cookbooks next week at art class. You are a fine young artist and entrepreneur and I believe you make many successes in life.


  5. Hi Nic
    You make us proud to be your friends – this is a awesome website. Put us down for the next cook book – we love the 1st Love Dana, Michelle, Keelan & Brea

  6. I can’t believe how cool your website is! My friends think you are great 😀

  7. Cool cool cool. Cool website. And what a cool thing you are doing, collecting money for the people of Christchurch. Very thoughtful and caring…and just so cool. Looking forward to the 2nd edition of your cookbook. Don’t get too busy on the computer and forget to create some new delicious recipes!!
    x Susie
    PS It is actually super cool x

  8. Jo and Ella and Noah

    Hi Nic thanks so much for the cookbook, its fabulous, that one was for me and now I want to order another one for my Dad who lives in Christchurch. I want him to see what a great job you are doing raising money. You are an inspiration to all of us and definately very cool. Love from the Douglas Family in Tauranga

  9. Hey Nic!!

    Cool website did you do it all by yourself?. Im really impressed by all the books you have written keep it up!
    Cant wait to get back and read them.
    Write to me PLEASE!

    Peter Allen

  10. Nick, this is fantastic – we are so proud to know such a talented young man! – Love your cookbook! and I’m really impressed with your art too. KDT&J

  11. Nic- you are soooooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooool !!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you are an extremely talented artist – not to mention cook. I have already sent your cook book to England and one is on it’s way to Canada too- so you can claim to be an internationally published author!!! Well done – and I can’t wait to get my pics to put on the wall!
    Girls drool for Nicocool!!!!

  12. hey nic!!!!!
    love it id love a cook book i
    tried to write one when i was little!
    lol (hehe) talk soon

    nyah! :-)

  13. Megan, Ellie, Barbara and Bala

    hey nic
    we think you’re soooooooooooooo AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we all love what your doing for Christ Church.
    I personally could never write any kind of book even a kids picture book
    you are a million times better than me at drawing!!!
    lots of love Megan (and Ellie, Barbara and Bala(but mostly Megan))

  14. Dear Nic,
    I am a friend of Erin Bracken and I also know your mum through Susie from the gym. I would like to say that I think you are amazing and very talented. I would love to purchase a cookbook. I will be passing $5 to Erin and asking her to pick one up for me. I hope you are able to train as a chef one day but please don’t swear like Gordon Ramsay lol. All the best Nic for your next venture. I am sure it is not too far away. Kind regards, from Natalie.

  15. Hey Nic. Great website, keep up the good work and keep checking your website stats, we’re going try to get a red dot on as many states in the US as we can!. See you in September. Cheers Matt

  16. You are very famous with your website. I really like it. from Ellena

  17. Hi Nic,
    very cooooooool web site – I would love to catch up and possibly put some information about your website in the newsletter we produce at work for families. I might need to interview you too – would you be happy for that? Check with your Mum and Dad and say hi to them both from me. I’ll call you later this week to follow- up.
    Keep standing tall “little tree” 😉 Lisa (yoga lady)

  18. Amy Farrell-Mendonca

    Hi Nico
    I would like your cookbook. I’ll bring the money to school. Can you sign it for me?

    I also like drawing.

    See you later

  19. GeOrGiA IS aWeSoMe :)

    fabbity fab website — there is so much on here!!! IT’S AWESOME, can’t beleive you’re just NINE and you’ve ALREADY got a website!!! slow down man, you’re putting preassure on the rest of us kids now!!! – lol, just kidding – keep it up kid!

    georgie :) xoxox

  20. Sounds like you are having fun with all this and it all looks really interesting! so neat to see you starting young and getting motivated for a good cause. All the best with it all and hope you are feeling 100% again soon.

  21. Hi Nicholas,

    We love your cookbook!
    You are truly an inspirational young man.

    The cous cous kedgeree recipie sounds so yummy, we will be giving it a go in the kitchen.

    All the best,
    The team at Bisque on Bolton :)

  22. Good luck today, Nic! My dinner was SUPERB the other night, in fact I might just cook Smoked Fish Cous Cous again tonight. :)

  23. Nico I saw you on tv this morning. My friend you are an inspiration to everyone. Live life to the extreme mate, and always remember you can do anything. God Bless you my friend.


  24. Hi Nico Cool!! My son Cameron is in a wheelchair too – he has CP and is 3 1/2. He has had an EEG just like the one in your picture here. He also goes to True Colours. Him and his big brother who is 6 really love going and listening to the music and playing with the cool toys. Keep up your great fundraising – you’re a really cool kid for thinking of doing this to help your chosen charities. Well done :)

  25. Hi Nico! It was so cool to meet you and your mum at the Wheelchair Basketball event on Saturday! I hope you had a great time. We’d love to be able to support you in your future sporting endeavours so maybe you and your mum can check out the Halberg Trust website sometime to find out more about the Activity Fund: http://www.halberg.co.nz See ya round! Elissa :)

  26. Hey Nico,
    I made your ‘ Award Winning’ Chicken and Broccoli Pasta dish for our friend we had staying from Christchurch last week and we all agreed that it is a DELICIOUS recipe! In fact, I would like to order another book for our friend so that she can make it for all her friends in Christchurch! I also made the Summer Rice Paper Rolls to take to a party recently and they were a big hit.
    Keep those recipies coming Nico!

  27. Hi Nico, it seems we are related! Met your mum and dad in England this week. I would like to order both of your cookbooks as they sound great! Please let me know in English pounds how much they will cost to post and I will send you the money. Keep up the good work, and maybe we will meet you sometime
    Regards, Andrea Brocklebank x

  28. Hey there. Thanks for your website. Our 3 year old has just been diagnosed with MD and it is awesome to see sites like yours and see how the condition does not stop you from enjoying life and acheiving dreams. Thanks for the inspiration xx

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