Art Gallery

Me & my brother Toby

See my art Nico’s Art. See also Toby’s art Toby’s Art.







I did this in art class with oil and chalk pastels

 A Picture I Drew you can Print and Colour in…



4 responses to “Art Gallery

  1. hi Nicocool i like your website its very very cool and i can’t what to get your next cook book because i have your other cookbook from Madelaine

  2. your art is very cool from Madelaine

  3. GeOrGiA IS aWeSoMe :)

    Neat website nick!!! – also looking forwards to the new cookbook! – How much have you raised from books and art??? You still saving for a laptop??? What you’re doing is really cool! good job and good luck :)

    Georgie xoxox

  4. Hi therNic, the last message was from Tara this one is from me! Congratulations on your nomination for the Attitude awards, we are very proud of you and can’t wait to see photos of you all dressed up, you will look very handsome. I often watch the Atttude programme on Sunday mornings it is very inspirational and a great show.

    Back to your fabulous art, do you still have crazy city and crazy town available for sale?

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