Nic’s Cookbook and Nic’s Lunchbox  published by Scholastic Books available in bookstores throughout New Zealand .

Scholastic and I are donating half the royalties from sales of the book to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

One of the recipes from my cookbook is Couscous Kedgeree.  You can watch a three minute Cooking Demonstration of me making this delicious dish!   This cooking demonstration was made to enter the TVNZ Kids Cook Off Competition.

Couscous Kedgeree from Nic’s Cook Book

I have previously sold my hand-written cookbooks to raise money for the Christchurch Earthquake Relief Fund and True Colours Charitable Trust who provide support and counselling for children like me.  True Colours have been helping me and my family since I was 3 years old!   I am not currently selling these as Nic’s Cookbook has been published by Scholastic and is available from Booksellers throughout NZ.

My first cookbook “Nic’s Cook Book” was published in December 2010. Since then it has been reprinted many times and I have hand-written another two cookbooks. It is a 24-page hand-written book. From the back of the book “This book is a fantastic book for children and works the brain and is good for maths“.

Nic’s Cook Book

Hamilton Summer Festival Sustainable Sustenance Cooking Demonstration – February 2011

Hamilton Summer Festival Cooking Demonstration

I helped with the cooking demonstration and set up a stall at the Hamilton Summer Festival to sell copies of my cookbook to raise money for Christchurch.

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  1. You have had a great idea – let’s hope lots more people buy your book.
    Best wishes John.

  2. Love your ideas Nic. Please save me a copy of your cookbook. Jane

  3. Hey Nic

    Great website and great cookbook. I want two copies of your book, one for me and Lesley and one for my sister (who is a T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E. cook so I hope your book will help her). It is also very generous of you to donate proceeds of the sale to the Christchurch Appeal. It is nice to know the money is going to a good cause
    Chris & Lesley

  4. Wow
    A top ingenious idea- would love a copy for Iain- he always needs new ideas .

  5. Tom & Lynn McDonald

    Ive heard you have the Best Laugh Ever, Thats Great! Your idea is Very Great as well. We will take 2 cookbooks, we will use our PayPal Grandson Keelan to look after the payment and sending them to us in Canada, where is -23 today in North Portal, Saskatchewan….Keep Laughing.
    Tom & Lynn (Keelans Grandparents)

  6. nic I think you did a great job for the website and every thing else

  7. Hi Nic, I am really enjoying the recipes from the cookbook that I bought from you a couple of weeks ago. I like them all, and the instructions are very thorough. You would have to really useless not to be able to make these recipes! Looking forward to the next book.

  8. Hi there! This books sounds great. Congratulations! Now … can you mail it to Canada? (ps did you notice that Canada even gave Ozzie a bit of a scare in the Cricket World Cup. We are a growing cricket power – you watch!) Ray

  9. Hi Nic,
    I have just watched your cooking demonstration and you really made me smile. Jamie Oliver move over I say. What a great cook you are. The kedgeree looked amazing. I previously lived in the UK and was only 20 mins away from Worcester. It is a lovely city with a river and a great cathedral. If you go near the Worcestershire Sauce works you can really smell the sauce cooking in the air. I can help you with the pronunciation of Worcester any time. Catch you soon, Nat.

  10. Stephen (True Colours)

    Hey Nic, I am SO impressed by your website, your art work and your cookbooks!
    You are so kind raising money for Christchurch, DMD and now True Colours! I’m looking forward to trying some of your recipes. Keep up with the excellent art work!
    Cheers Stephen

  11. Nico – you are AWESOME. Wonderful work!!!

    I am going to make your kedgeree for tea tonight. Did you know that kedgeree started out as ‘khichari’, a humble Indian dish of rice and lentils? Thanks to the British Raj and the colonisation of India by the English, the dish was taken, adapted and turned into something more familiar to those English colonists in India, and then taken back to England where it is commonly a dish for breakfast!

    Hope you do well in the finals of the GOOD MORNING contest. Yum… I’m looking forward to dinner tonight.

  12. It was lovely to meet you on Thursday at Susie’s and I did enjoy talking about cooking with you. I haven’t tried any of your recipes yet but I am going to soon. Best of luck for Wednesday. Fingers crossed …..

  13. Hey Nic, just cooked your Kedgeree recipe! I used rice though instead of cous cous, but it was brilliant – thank you :)

  14. Hey Nicocool – enjoyed your website, would love a copy of the cookbook with the recipe for the brocolli & chicken pasta!
    Best wishes
    Dr J

  15. Hi Nico,
    Your cook book is such a hit…I showed it to Tamara who helps with Discovery Club and she would like to buy a Cookbook 3 to take back to Canada with her! You may have to start selling them internationally soon!
    Thanks so much for sharing your talent and creativity with us all.
    Margaret C

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