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Here’s some stories and poems by me, details about some books I like and some of my photos…
This my latest story, written in April 2012:

You know how some people have different genes inside so it causes them to sometimes have problems, well I, 10 year old boy, Nicholas Brockelbank, have something called Muscular Dystrophy.  This means if I do too much activity it causes me to get muscle damage.  When my muscles get sore I need to use a wheelchair.  People may stare at me, but I’m just a normal boy.


Fireworks at Hamilton

Fireworks at Hamilton

Fireworks at Hamilton

Fireworks at Hamilton

When I Grow Up I Want to Be...

My First Book “Nico Cool
The first book I wrote is called “Nico Cool”. I wrote this book when I was seven, I wrote it to help people understand about my muscular dystrophy and my wheelchair.  You can read it here “Nico Cool(pdf file).

Nico Cool book - see link above for pdf file of this book

Here are some stories I really like (the reason I like them is because each of them is about someone who has a wheelchair, just like I do):

“Zoom” by Robert Munsch (ISBN 0-439-52349-4):  This book is about Lauretta, who needs a new wheelchair, so her mom takes her to the wheelchair store and they get one that goes really, really, really, really fast.

“Susan Laughs” by Jeanne Willis & Tony Ross (ISBN 978 0 099 40756 0):  Susan laughs, she sings, she rides, she swings.  She gets angry, she gets sad, she is good, she is bad.  In fact, Susan is no different from any other child…

“A Very Special Critter” by Gina and Mercer Mayer (ISBN 0 307 12763 X):  This is about Alex, a new critter who starts at school.  He has a wheelchair, which the other children haven’t seen before, but soon they learn he’s just one of the gang.

“Paint What You See” by Dot Meharry & Lindy Fisher (ISBN 1 86948 647 1):  Brook liked to watch his friends play and the board riders catch the big waves, knowing he could not do those things.  Then one day his friends visit him with a large box full of paints and paintbrushes…

Fun at the Lake – a Story

Fun at the Lake

The Boy with an IPOD – a Story

The Boy with an IPOD

My Acrostic Name Poem

My Acrostic Name Poem

  A poem I wrote for Christmas

Christmas Poem

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  1. Awesome website Nic!!! I’m looking forward to showing to Ellena and Jamie.

  2. hi nic anna ireland here i think this website is realy cool i should tell charlotte about it

  3. Nic I also loved Dot Meharry’s ‘Paint what you see’ book, very cool story. Well done with your web site keep it up, we are all enjoying it. I will be hunting out the other books at the library.

  4. I love the painting you did at art class – the one with different coloured circles

  5. Hi Nic,
    I have just enjoyed reading all about your life. Very cool. I like to listen to relaxing music too. I have just ordered a cd from Amazon. It is supposed to be very relaxing. I will let you know what it is like when I receive delivery. Keep up the awesome work. Looking forward to cookbook 2.

  6. Amy Farrell-Mendonca

    Hi Nico
    Here’s a poem my Dad wrote for me.
    Cant wait to get your cookbook

    Seeing the Light

    As the mornings mist
    Gave way to sunshine
    So my selfish love
    Of you vanished
    Replaced by unconditional
    ALL consuming love
    Then and only then
    Was I blessed to see
    You gazing back at me

  7. GeOrGiA IS aWeSoMe :)

    These are great! – talk about multi-talented! – You’re an artist, writer, chef, musician…. golly gosh!!!

    Georgie xoxox :)

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